BRF Water Truck

BRF Water have purchased a brand new, purpose designed water delivery truck, so that we can provide our customers, with the very best of reliable service, using a water delivery truck, that is 100 % compliant with all current rules and regulations.


The truck itself is the latest model IVECO STRALIS, fitted with a 450 hp engine, and 16 speed automatic gearbox, driving through a bogie drive with cross lock diffs, this means that we have the power and rear four wheel drive, to enable us to safely tackle any rough or wet, slippery terrain.


At BRF we respect our environment, so have ordered a truck fitted with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction ) technology, this involves precise injection of a mixture of demineralised water and urea, into the  diesal exhaust stream prior to the Catalytic Converter.


The reaction in the Catalytic Converter, then converts the highly toxic Nitrogen Oxides in the diesel exhaust, into harmless water vapour, and nitrogen. as such our truck does not release any harmfull exhaust gasses into the surrounding atmosphere.


The water storage tank is manufactured from a specially formulated, food compatible blue polyethelene, and our water delivery pump, and delivery hoses are all manufactured from food grade compatible materials.